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Our Amazing Team Members

We build effective strategies to help you reach customers and
prospects across the entire web.

Faisal Mohammed Project Lead

Abdullah NahianFront-end & WordPress Developer

Nazmul HossainBack End Developer

Mohammed RimonNetworking Administrator

Jamal HosenDigital Marketer

Md. Ariful Basher AbirUI / UX Designer (Instructor)

Hasan MisbahSoftware Engineer

Sukanta ShowrovSoftware Engineer

MD ROKIBUL ISLAMSoftware Engineer

Amimul Ihsan MahdiMobile Apps Developer

Sakin HossainMERN Stack Developer

Sanjida SabihaWeb Application Developer

Choity DeyWeb Application Developer

Nader Nihal NeepWeb Application Developer

Samiha ChoudhuryWeb Application Developer

Saida ChowdhuryWordPress Developer

Mehzabeen ChowdhuryWeb Developer

Abida AnjumWordPress Developer

Mosharul Islam JuhaDigital Marketer

MD Kamrul IslamDigital Marketer and Brand Manager

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