Rangmahal Tower, Bandar Bazar. Sylhet

Kash Army


Kash Army – SYSTEM is very much sophisticated software for those who are involved in root level business. The system is designed to be user friendly in multiple devices.

Full Features of Kash Army – System;

  • Fast billing
  • Built-in inventory system
  • Easy customer dealing
  • Bar-code generation
  • Proposal and quotation create
  • Supplier management
  • Due history
  • Sale statement with easy billing and invoice generate.
  • Easy order taking with easy transfer to sale invoice.
  • Product purchase receipt easy make and maintain.
  • Product auto stoke maintain and balance, linked with purchase and sale.
  • Extra income or expanse adjustment with reference note.
  • Total credit checks of both banks and cash log.
  • Built-in quotation and proposal making, with transfer to order list and to sale invoice, with in few clicks.
  • Easy printable and shareable via e-mail.
  • Product bar code generate and printable as price tag.
  • Several types of reports generate just by few clicks.
  • Notification of Low Stock, Due Amount and Pending Orders.
  • And a gorgeous looking Dashboard with useful graphical presentation
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